sábado, 2 de junho de 2018

Photographers are mostly publishing for each other

Photographers no longer publish in a communal environment to captive mass audiences. A diffusion of attention undermines their ability to shape public opinion through their work. Some of the same platforms that have facilitated greater diversity in the field, allowing unrecognized photographers and gatekeepers to forge new relationships, have filtered the world into innumerable information factions. While it is high time photography became more inclusive, it’s unclear who will see the perspectives of these formerly marginalized talents. The demise of traditional media has occurred alongside a proliferation of digital publications and blogs devoted to photography, but these sites have a limited reach. While looking at documentary photography online, one may have the feeling that photographers are mostly publishing for each other. If self-segregation continues, and divisive algorithms prevail, I fear photographers from underrepresented backgrounds will once again go unheard, publishing for small communities and gaining no wider audience. The required adjustments photographers must make are as psychological as they are tactical. This means using new language, revising ambitions, and identifying personal standards by which to measure impact”
(Danielle Jackson)

segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2018


“The most sophisticated street images will play not across a single layer, but across multiple layers. In those images, photographers not only isolate a clear and distinct subject, but also create connections across multiple human elements in the frame. When those stories are, apparently, disconnected, composition elements can work very well to establish that connection and tell an interconnected story” - Marie Laigneau

sábado, 12 de maio de 2018

How I remember

I like to remember things my own way. […] How I remember them. Not necessarily the way they happened.”- Lost Highway (1997).

sábado, 5 de maio de 2018

Are We Remembering What Never Happened?

Reality is a lie of our senses. So photography is a lie about a lie. As there are more and more photographers we conclude that people like to cheat the lie of reality with the lie of photography. Built with our inner truth that relies in our memories.
But memories are also unreliable because we like to remember things our own way and not necessarily the way they happened. As the photographs attempt to fix memories - every photographer is telling beautiful lies in an atempt to be happy and construct his perfect world.