quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

The Window

Uma janela pode separar momentaneamente dois mundos opostos. Alguns milímetros de vidro podem separar a dor da alegria, a sombra da luz, o silêncio do ruído, o amor do ódio. E as pessoas, de um lado e do outro, estão perto e longe e podem nunca saberem uma da outra.

A window can momentarily separate two opposing worlds. A few millimeters of glass can separate pain from joy, shadow from light, silence from noise, love from hate.
And people, on both sides, so close and so far away - may never know about each other.

segunda-feira, 6 de março de 2017

The Blue House

A morning of blue skies I wandered through the village of Foz do Arelho near may home town. By lunchtime I went into a roadside restaurant that was advertising prawn curry. Irresistible. I entered and to my surprise the esplanade seemed to be set among the flowers of a garden, next door, in front of an old abandoned house. The house was blue and the flowers were yellow. The sheet of glass that separated these two different worlds allowed an illusion of continuity. Suddenly a child jumped into the gloom in front of me as if to run toward the yellow flowers. A surreal and magical moment. A miracle where the vulgar has become extraordinary. 
And the prawn curry tasted beautiful.