segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2016

Exit to Death

Photo captured inside the box where the bulls get stuck waiting for fight and death at the bullring arena.

The supersaturation is intentional and important in this composition. Pictures of Alex Webb (and others who exploit oversaturation and contrast) are always a source of inspiration.
This still reminds me of the discussion on the definition of Street Phtography today. There are many who argue that overediting shall not be done and the image should not change anything what our eyes see “really” on the streets.
But we no longer live in the golden age of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Today artists are radically redefining the tradition of Street Photography. The genre was stagnating but now we face a new dawn for Street Photography. Candid Street Shots can be in fact digitally altered tableaux and a growing group of photographers are exploring choreographed Street Photography.
While some purists still argue that Street Photography must be made exclusively, surreptitiously, in absentia of the subject’s authorization (not to modify the normal flow of events), others are more tolerant and have a broader concept of the art. We need other ways of conceptualizing truth.
I think that, even in pure candid shots, reality is in some way also modified. Because the edges of the frame separate two worlds (what is included and what is excluded), and it´s this separation that creates the magical world of photography, and it turns out to be different from what really happened.

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