quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

The Secret Language of Angels

For some months I tried to photograph this place. But I never found all the conditions to make the picture I was thinking (in B&W) about. At last, on 1 February 2016, the sky was perfect. Clouds, leaving some glimpse of blue, were not not a distracting element - thus keeping up the main role of figures in the foreground. On the other hand the whitish high clouds behind the angel provided the proper contrast, like an aura, to the darker figure. Finally the God of photographers came to my aid because someone dressed in black was passing by in the second plan between the shadows of cemetery tombs, on the right, adding more enigma to the image. It was a great pleasure to make the B&W edit, according to the mood, this photo.

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tia Natacha disse...

Excelente contraste ...magnífica !